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Project Spotlight: Solar-Powered Farm in Augusta, KS

To help shed light on the many possibilities of Pursuit Solar’s top-of-pole racking and passive tracking system, we’ll periodically highlight exciting projects that demonstrate the vast potential of this innovative, cost-efficient technology.

The Integrator

Alternative Electric, LLC

The Client

Family residence and farm located in Augusta, Kansas.

The Project

The owner of the farm is interested in maximum production for solar and storage for backup power and cost savings through peak shaving. Alternative Electric, LLC is a service-based electrical contractor for commercial, industrial and residential with a focus on solar energy. After learning about Pursuit Solar, the company realized that our top-of-pole racking system with HelioDrive™ technology for this client.

The Installation

Twin 12-Panel Trackers (8.5kWp Total), grid-tie, solar+storage.

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