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Popular Engineer775 YouTube Channel Reviews Demo of Pursuit Solar Tracker

As one of the most trusted voices in solar and sustainability, Scott Hunt knows the industries inside and out. He’s a mechanical engineer and the owner of Practical Preppers. His YouTube channel, Engineer775, has more than 250,000 dedicated followers.

When he stopped in for a closer look at Pursuit Solar at Solar Power International last fall, he was intrigued. And we were excited to share the details of our new passive solar tracker technology.

We offered a demo, and he happily accepted. Check out the YouTube video below to see his full review of Pursuit Solar on Engineer775.

“The cost of solar trackers has turned me away in the past, but this solar tracker by Pursuit Solar caught my attention at SPI last year and I just had to try it out,” Scott said. “I was especially intrigued as a mechanical engineer because this is a fully mechanical, self-powered solar tracker that requires no electricity!”

Scott studied one of our demo models for two months and offered a thorough, honest review. He broke down the things he loves about our tracker and noted some areas that could potentially be improved.

He noted that customers have shown an increased interest in solar trackers recently and that Pursuit Solar offers an ideal solution, particularly when space is not available for a large number of fixed, ground-mounted solar panels.

“If you don’t have the room, a tracker is a great option,” he said. “If you’re into cool factors, which is really what caught my eye at SPI, this is pretty awesome. Check out Pursuit Solar.”

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