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North American Clean Energy Magazine Highlights Top-of-Pole Trackers

Since the first ambitious person tried to harness the power of solar energy, many of the challenges they faced are the same we face today — difficult terrain, harsh weather, steep grades and more.

Check out the latest edition of North American Clean Energy magazine to read a feature story written by Pursuit Solar founder Eddie Bugg that highlights the many ways top-of-pole solar trackers are helping alleviate and overcome those challenges.

Among the benefits:

  • Independent foundation design for varying site conditions

  • Easy remediation for rocky conditions

  • Easily elevated solar arrays

  • No maximum grade or change-of-grade limits

  • More power than rowed single-axis trackers

Read the full story to learn more about the challenges — and potential solutions in greater detail.

Have questions about how top-of-pole solar trackers can benefit you, your company or your customers? Email Eddie.Bugg@PursuitSolar.com for more information or to schedule an on-site demo of Pursuit Solar technology.

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